• Attention iOS Mobile Client Users

    We have now updated the iOS Mobile Client app to support iOS 15.1. Version 9.0.36 is available for download on the App Store. Please reach out to your Cloud Inventory® representative with any questions you might have.
  • Attention Android Mobile Client Users

    Please note that, going forward, our Android Mobile Client app will be named Cloud Inventory Mobile Client. You can find the app on the Google Play store here:

    The iOS version of our Mobile Client remains the same for now, but will also be renamed later. Another announcement will be made here when the iOS version is renamed.

    Please reach out to your Cloud Inventory® representative with any questions you might have.

  • JDE 64-bit Update

    We have finished our analysis of JD Edwards’ 64-bit Update and finalized our testing and release plan. MEP version 9.0SP12 and Cloud Inventory Platform version 9.5SP2 will have fully tested connectors, ready to implement on December 10, 2021. More information is available in this Community post:
  • iOS 15.1 Update

    Attention DSI Mobile Client customers:
    The iOS 15.1 update will cause the current DSI Mobile Client to not function properly, we highly recommend that you stop users from updating iDevices to iOS 15.1 at this time. We are currently working to resolve the issue, and will update you as we progress towards a solution.

    Microsoft has discovered security vulnerabilities in the Windows 2016 and 2019 operating systems, and has issued critical patches to repair the vulnerabilities.

    The Cloud Operations team is conducting off-schedule deployments  using a rolling deployment method during non-peak hours to eliminate the impact on customers. 

    Please see this blog post for further information.
  • View our Podcasts!

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  • NetSuite HMAC SHA-1 Deprecation Schedule

    NetSuite will deprecate their HMAC SHA-1 signature method between July 30, 2021, and Spring 2022. Several key events will happen during this process. The announcement on the Platform Community outlines the events and dates you will need to know.